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Karoo Farm Box is a family-owned business, started by mom Lani Lombard, daughter Louzel Steyn and son-in-law & husband Louis Steyn. The trio has their roots planted in the beautiful Midlands Karoo in the small Eastern Cape town of Cradock.

As farming folk, they know the quality and value of the Karoo and want to share it with the rest of the world.


The Karoo Farm Box initiative came to life in the most desperate of times. 2019 will forever be etched into our DNA as a year of hardship, desperation and the most severe drought we've ever experienced on the farm. And just when we thought we had seen the worse... a global pandemic swooped over the planet. Karoo Farm Box started in the grips of the 2020 lockdown when many businesses, including our own, were forced to shut. Around us too, hardworking farmers, entrepreneurs and artists were hit hard by the circumstances all while trying to keep afloat in an ongoing drought.

We had to change our perspective and look for opportunities that could benefit our entire Karoo community. So, on a winter's afternoon on the farm, during mid-lockdown and with hopelessness hammering on the door, the family put heads together to think outside the box. 

We landed right back IN the box, with a plan to pack special, luxury items from our wonderful Karoo INSIDE a Karoo Farm Box!

From day one, our business was supported by the incredible people of South Africa. In fact, the very first order came from a client in Graaff-Reinet in the Karoo. We knew we were on the right track. And with every box sold, hope could be restored to a farmer on a faraway farm or an isolated entrepreneur in a small Karoo dorpie.

A rising tide lifts all boats, we like to think. 

The tide did rise in more ways than one. In 2021, the rains came and the veld has since bounced back to its bossie-clad Karoo self. As our Karoo Farm Box business grows, we continue to live on grace - just as every Karoo local does.


We like to think that the best quality items come from the Karoo. Why? Because of the harsh climates and extreme living conditions, the products forged in this part of the world are made to last.

Mohair, for example, is revered across the globe as 'The Diamond Fibre' for its warmth, lustre, durability and lightness. South African farmers are responsible for cultivating more than 50% of the world's mohair in the Karoo. Instead of exporting all of this incredible fibre, we want South Africans to experience the luxury of our home-grown mohair too.

Wool is another world-class product and nothing comes close to a pair of Karoo pantoffels to ward off winter feet. We believe in making pantoffels that last, and therefore use only 100% pure South African sheep wool to create our pantoffels and other wool items. No artificial materials or cheap tricks to cut costs.

The same quality and craftsmanship go into every product represented by our Karoo Farm Boxes. All over the Karoo, there are men and women constantly working - with the greatest care - to create products of timeless quality and value. This has been the norm for ages and we take pride in offering our loyal Karoo Farm Box clients only these premium, handcrafted and proudly South African products.

Every KAROO FARM BOX is packed with the utmost care to deliver joy to every receiver. More than that, it is created to reward resourceful entrepreneurs working into the small hours, to help small business owners support their families and to encourage farmers and their workers who toil in the harsh Karoo sun to deliver world-class fibres that adorn the greatest names in fashion. 

Luxury is at the centre of our product and even though the concept is a humble one, we guarantee that the boxes will always be packed with superior-quality items.


Our vision is to see these South Africans embrace the marvel of the Karoo and its people. A Karoo Farm Box is an investment in our country's future - and the ultimate spoil to boot! It's to surprise loved ones and dear friends who deserve all the love in the world. It's to welcome new babies into the world with a blankie or a 'Japie Skapie' they could cherish for life. For 30th's and 50th's and of course, for yourself. Because you deserve to feel and wear and have the very best of what South Africa has to offer...